What exactly is a diet?

Workout 1: Ran 3 miles/ 29:04  (going to the gym later for weights)

Warning: This post is highly opinionated and will most likely offend people. If you find yourself getting a little too angry about this subject please close this page.  However, if you don’t agree with me and can state so tactfully in the comments, please leave your opinion! I’d love to read them.  I am not a nutritionist, I am just stating what I’ve learned and what worked for me and what has failed for others.

Here’s my rant about dieting, “trying” to lose weight, and gaining all of the weight back.

Something that I’ve noticed in my family, friends, and even strangers is trying to lose weight and either instantly failing, or losing a large amount and rapidly gaining it back.  This breaks my heart. Diets which have been tried in my family are Atkins, Slim Fast, hCG, and other fad diets which are simply not sustainable.

I recently had a friend who tried the hCG diet which recommends only eating 500 calories a day, skipping breakfast, taking the hCG drops so many times a day, and not eating certain foods which even excludes some “sweet” veggies.  I’m not sure how long the diet lasted but at the end she wanted to go out and have a big celebratory meal which included all of the things which she was restricted from.  Regardless of how much she lost she will more than likely gain it back because the diet is simply not sustainable and it’s not a lifestyle change.   (Don’t worry, none of my friends know I blog so I won’t be offending them).

Personally, I feel like if you actually wanted to lose the weigh to be healthy you would do research on nutrition and exercise instead of buying whatever product is “in”.  Guess what? Fad diets DO NOT WORK.  I don’t feel like you need to go to a nutritionist or have a personal trainer but, if those things help you succeed and give you support, go for it.

The bottom line is this: If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less (you don’t have to starve yourself) and you need to exercise more.  Losing weight is calorie in calorie out.  However, you should really pay attention to what kind of nutrition is involved in calorie in.  If you’re eating 4 donuts a day and exercising for an hour you may lose weight, however, are you going to be healthy just because you weigh less? No, because all you’re eating is fat and sugar.

So I guess my point is this: weight loss is not magic, you don’t have to go on a crazy diet, you don’t need to go on a tv show, and you don’t need to pay anyone to tell you how to do it.

What you do need is knowledge of what you’re putting in your body and how it affects you, self-motivation, drive, and self-control.  I truly think weight loss is more mental than anything else.  YOU have to want it bad enough to do it.  If you want to make excuses, it’s not going to work.


Ok my rant is over. I just get really sick of seeing people fail because they want to take the easy way out.


Just a side note: Jose Baez really gets on my nerves. Can we just go ahead and get the needle ready for Casey?  Thanks.



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Where have I been?

Wow, it’s been a while.   Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Making yummy, healthy meals

Going to a few Rays games

Getting a tan

Building a stock-pile (these are just the personal care items)

Sunset cruise with the fiancée

Dinner with friends

And beating my 5k record by 58 seconds at the gym.

New 5k PR- 26:57!!


Here’s what I have not been doing:

Wedding planning, though I did face-in-hole our pictures 🙂

Running as much as I would like

Anything to be considered productive…. Why is it that when you don’t have a deadline for something nothing gets done?



Anyone else feeling extremely lazy lately?

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The Proposal

Sunday, the day after Matt’s birthday, Matt suggested we go to the beach in the evening for a beach walk.  This is something we’ve done many, many times throughout our relationship because it’s one of my favorite times to go to the beach. It was unusually cold and windy so we found a spot to sit against a dune in order to block some of the wind.

The sky was beautiful but a little cloudy:

Matt waited until no one was around and then said, “I have something for you”.

He then pulled the ring box out of his pocket, took the ring out, and tried to put it on my finger! LOL, all while crying.  I told him, “You have to ask first!”.

So he asked if I would marry him and of course I said yes.

I LOVE my ring!  My fingers are tiny (size 4.5) so we actually went a few weeks ago to see which kind of rings looked best on my fingers.  The bigger ones that I initially wanted looked absolutely ridiculous on my finger.  When I put this ring on I instantly knew it was the one.  It’s 1/2 carat with white gold from Zales.

The Wedding

We have not set a date for the wedding and I don’t intend to until I start a job.  There’s no point in planning a wedding I can’t pay for.  I do, however, know the theme and colors I want.

I want a beach wedding

With bright, cheerful colors:

I want a simple, elegant, white cake accented by flowers. This one is pretty much exactly what I want:

I have no idea what kind of dress I want. I would like lace but I know since I haven’t tried anything on I don’t know what works best for my body.

As for now I’m just enjoying having the ring on my finger…well when I’m not afraid to wear it.  Here’s a list of places I don’t wear my ring:

1. The gym- I usually lift weights and don’t want to scratch or scuff it on any of the bars

2. The shower- I’ve worn rings in the shower before and they always get caught in my hair

3. Cleaning anything

4. Cooking- Especially when I have to chop a lot of things or I’m working with meat

Lightning game 5 is tonight! Hopefully they beat Boston!!!! Let’s go Bolts!  Are you following the Stanley Cup playoffs? Who are you rooting for?

***All non-me pictures from this post were found at theknot.com

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Saturday was Matt’s birthday so I stopped by my new favorite cupcake shop, Frosting. Frosting is located in South Tampa right across from McDinton’s and makes the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had.

I actually got 4 but we ate one before I was able to take a picture. They’re THAT good.

Swiss Ho

The Swiss Ho actually had a piece of Little Debbie swiss cake roll on top.  When we cut it in half we were surprised to see the cream filling:

Death by Chocolate- My favorite.

Cookie Dough- Matt's Favorite

We munched on the cupcakes throughout the weekend. Saturday night we celebrated Matt’s birthday by going to B-dubs and watching the Lightning dominate the Bruins scoring 3 goals within 85 seconds of each other. Hell Yeah!!!

And for a cute pug picture:

Proposal story coming soon!

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A night to remember….

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May Race- My first adventure race.

I ran a 5 mile adventure run called the Xterra Claw on 5/1.

I had so much fun!!!

There were lots of obstacles to conquer:

Several vertical slopes where you had to use vines to pull yourself up.

3 water crossings, one to your knees, one to your hips, and one to your chest!!!

A crazy .25 mile finish with tons of hills on a very narrow path.

There is only one picture that I can’t save properly when I print screen it. 😦

I have to say, after feeling burnt out on running this race definitely made me enjoy it again.

Oh yeah, and something else happened this week:

I graduated!!!!!!!!!! 

I can officially add “MPH” to the end of my name.

Afterwards I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with friends and family.

I haven’t exercised for three days and I feel like crap.  I feel like I have absolutely no energy so I’m making a point to get in a hardcore workout tomorrow.

Goodnight all!

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How to sit in a computer lab…all. day. long.

Last year Megan, from Meganerdruns.com, taught us how to pull an all-nighter for finals.  As a grad student most of my classes are in the evening and we have more projects than tests.  All of my projects require the use of some special, expensive software, such as SAS or ArcGIS, so I spend a lot of time in the computer lab.  Traveling 2 of the 4 weeks in April  decreased the amount of time I had to complete end of semester projects so I ended up dedicating a whole day to the computer lab to work on projects.

Yes, it was a Saturday and I was there alone pretty much the entire day.

So here are my steps to surviving a day in the computer lab:

1. Take a jacket

Computer labs are often kept cooler than normal rooms to protect the computers.

2. Take a drink (with a lid) and a snack

You don’t want to get into the computer lab and decide you’re starving/thirsty and hour later and have to leave.  Make sure the drink has a lid in case you knock it over.

3. Save. Often.

4. Set time limits for yourself so you don’t get burnt out. For example, work on one project for one hour then take a 15 minute break to stretch, facebook, blog, whatever. After your break, switch to a new project for an hour, etc.

5. Find yourself getting off track? Make a to-do list and break everything down into tiny pieces. The quicker you cross things off the list the more motivated and accomplished you’ll feel.

6. Print and proof read before submitting.  Proof reading on a computer after you’ve been staring at it all day is not wise. Printing out your project/paper will give you a fresh view of what you’ve completed and you’ll be more effective when proofing.

7. Submit your project, pack everything up, and peace out.  Go relax somewhere without a computer or tv.

I’m off to spend day #2 in the computer lab.

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