What exactly is a diet?

Workout 1: Ran 3 miles/ 29:04  (going to the gym later for weights)

Warning: This post is highly opinionated and will most likely offend people. If you find yourself getting a little too angry about this subject please close this page.  However, if you don’t agree with me and can state so tactfully in the comments, please leave your opinion! I’d love to read them.  I am not a nutritionist, I am just stating what I’ve learned and what worked for me and what has failed for others.

Here’s my rant about dieting, “trying” to lose weight, and gaining all of the weight back.

Something that I’ve noticed in my family, friends, and even strangers is trying to lose weight and either instantly failing, or losing a large amount and rapidly gaining it back.  This breaks my heart. Diets which have been tried in my family are Atkins, Slim Fast, hCG, and other fad diets which are simply not sustainable.

I recently had a friend who tried the hCG diet which recommends only eating 500 calories a day, skipping breakfast, taking the hCG drops so many times a day, and not eating certain foods which even excludes some “sweet” veggies.  I’m not sure how long the diet lasted but at the end she wanted to go out and have a big celebratory meal which included all of the things which she was restricted from.  Regardless of how much she lost she will more than likely gain it back because the diet is simply not sustainable and it’s not a lifestyle change.   (Don’t worry, none of my friends know I blog so I won’t be offending them).

Personally, I feel like if you actually wanted to lose the weigh to be healthy you would do research on nutrition and exercise instead of buying whatever product is “in”.  Guess what? Fad diets DO NOT WORK.  I don’t feel like you need to go to a nutritionist or have a personal trainer but, if those things help you succeed and give you support, go for it.

The bottom line is this: If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less (you don’t have to starve yourself) and you need to exercise more.  Losing weight is calorie in calorie out.  However, you should really pay attention to what kind of nutrition is involved in calorie in.  If you’re eating 4 donuts a day and exercising for an hour you may lose weight, however, are you going to be healthy just because you weigh less? No, because all you’re eating is fat and sugar.

So I guess my point is this: weight loss is not magic, you don’t have to go on a crazy diet, you don’t need to go on a tv show, and you don’t need to pay anyone to tell you how to do it.

What you do need is knowledge of what you’re putting in your body and how it affects you, self-motivation, drive, and self-control.  I truly think weight loss is more mental than anything else.  YOU have to want it bad enough to do it.  If you want to make excuses, it’s not going to work.


Ok my rant is over. I just get really sick of seeing people fail because they want to take the easy way out.


Just a side note: Jose Baez really gets on my nerves. Can we just go ahead and get the needle ready for Casey?  Thanks.




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I'm an epidemiologist with a recent 55 pound weight loss and a new love for running. My goal to stay motivated in 2011 is to do one race a month for the entire year. Welcome to my page!
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3 Responses to What exactly is a diet?

  1. Jena says:

    The HcG diet sounds stupid. I didn’t know the details of it, and I don’t plan on researching it, but if they really only want you to eat 500 calories a day it’s stupid. I mean, really? 500 calories. I’d die.

    As far as Casey Anthony goes: I honestly doubt she’s getting charged w/ first degree murder, and certainly not the death penalty. Do I think she should..well yes. But, the state hasn’t shown any sort of evidence that directly ties her to Caylee’s death. Although, she should hope that she gets charged w/ something and sent to jail, because I don’t think she’d be safe back out in the real world.

    • I, unfortunately, agree. It’s a shame they couldn’t have found the body earlier, before decomposition so they could have investigated the lungs and toxicity levels of chloroform. The only evidence the state really has is the hair from the decomposed body and the fact that it was a homicide.

  2. That ‘diet’ sounds ridiculous! 500 calories a day?! That’s like one meal for me!

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