I’m glad that’s over…

Yesterday I got up at 3:35 to get all of my things together and head over to a friends house and then to the Iron Girl Races in Clearwater.  We left at 4:30 and arrived by 5:20.  We got ready at the car and then took the shuttle over to Pier 60 and the starting area.  Being the first one to use the porter potty that I went in definitely made up for being there that early (The race didn’t start until 7).  The forecast for the day was 89 degrees and humidity was already around 80% at 5:30 am;that paired with 3 causeways= this was not going to be a fun race.

Though the course was going to be hot and hard this race is actually sentimental for me because the Iron Girl 5k 2010 was the first race I ever ran! I (in the pink top) ran the half while my friends ran the 5k.

P.s. Doesn’t it look like I have a fake leg in this picture?!?

The race started at 7am sharp.

Mile one consisted of some weaving.  The iron girl had the same issue last year.  This is a race for a lot of first timers because everyone gets medals and women can run/walk it comfortably without having a lot of males around.  Anyways, there is no corral system which sucks.  I tried to get about half way back from the start line but I still found myself running around extremely slow runners and some walkers. Boooo.

Then I saw the mile 1 mile marker and the base of the first causeway to go with it. I did my best to run up this beast of a hill but my pace quickly dropped to 11 minute miles.  My legs felt like lead and I was mentally not in this race (=bad sign).

At mile three I grabbed a water from the aid station and choked on it (smooth) so I had to stop and get myself breathing again before I could continue running.

At mile four I ran right past a black snake!! I’m not afraid of snakes but I’m sure there were plenty of women who were there.  I also ate my first gu at mile four, cussed myself for signing up for this stupid-hard race, and took my first walk break.  Didn’t I JUST run 12 miles at a 9:22 pace? WTF?!?!

Miles 5-8ish were pretty uneventful but had some rolling hills and huge houses to stare at. One looked more like a hotel and had 2 guest houses bigger than the 5 bedroom house I grew up in.

Around mile 8 was the next causeway.  Actually it could have been before or after mile 8. I really don’t know and don’t care. At this point I was blasting angry Eminem rap and running 10:30 minute miles.  The Belleaire causeway was probably the steepest so I walked it. 🙂 I decided I was already not PRing for this race might as well not kill myself, right? The whole race I was behind these two girls with shirts that said “Suck it up, buttercup”.  I’m not sure why but I loved the shirts.  They also walked the causeway.

The next causeway came at about mile 11 to 11.5.  I walked this one, too.  But to kind of make up for walking I sprinted down it.  At mile 13.22 I finally crossed the finish line and I cannot wait to share the finish photo when it gets posted. I posed a little.

My craptastic time= 2:25:38.  A good 14 minutes slower than my first half and about a minute more per mile.

Typically I would be a little more disappointed in myself but this was a HARD course, very hard.


I’m glad it’s over and I’m feeling a little burnt out on running. For some reason training for this half (if you can even call a couple of long runs thrown into my schedule training) was not fun.  Running used to be fun and I want to get back to that feeling.


Did you run any races this weekend? How did they go? What was your worst race experience?


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I'm an epidemiologist with a recent 55 pound weight loss and a new love for running. My goal to stay motivated in 2011 is to do one race a month for the entire year. Welcome to my page!
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3 Responses to I’m glad that’s over…

  1. Jena says:

    Don’t beat yourself up to bad over the race. It was hot as hell yesterday, combined with those bridges.. hard. I purposefully avoided this race because of all the bridges. No way jose. It was really hot during the 5k. All the recaps I’ve read have been consistent w/ “the bridges sucked, and it was hot.” You should check out the half marathon series that florida road races puts on. They have 2 races out at Ft. Desoto and it’s the flatest race you can ever imagine, seriously. So flat, and amazing. There is one in October!

    I know you aren’t happy w/ your time, but congrats on a great race, you finished!

  2. Carolyn H. says:

    I’m burnt out on running too. I walked 4 TIMES on the 5k course and ran 5 minutes slower than my last one. Yeah, that is bad, but whatever, I’m not there mentally right now.

  3. That’s an amazing time! I’ve read a lot of recaps of the race and apparently the course was killer. I cringed looking at pictures of the hills!

    I can relate to getting burnt out- training for two races close to each other will do that! After my next half, I plan to take some time off and cross train as much as possible.

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