Busy, Stressful, Crazy, Happy week.

The title pretty much sums it up. Last week, especially Thursday and Friday, was absolutely horrible. I had a hard time with a professor who was supposed to write a recommendation (that she knew about for two months) who ended up going to the ER and not writing my recommendation to be submitted before the deadline. Ahhhh. Anyways, the person that collects all of the resumes, transcripts, and letters of recommendation gave me and extension and I got 2 other people to write the recommendation instead.  The situation was a lot worse than I just made it sound but I’ve discussed it and stressed over it so much that I don’t want to go into detail.

I exercised last week via spin and the elliptical.  I had some foot pain here:

so I decided to take it easy to let it heal.

I did 4.2 miles in 41:39 on the treadmill today.   It was ok but I’m not at all excited about my pace. The lack of distance and speed training I have done lately is making me nervous about the 15k I have in a couple of weeks.


Now to the happy:

As a Master’s of Public Health student I have to complete a “special project” which is kind of like a thesis.  My project is a secondary data analysis which means I took data which was collected by someone else to assess a different association and I used that data to assess a new hypothesized association. It turns out that my data revealed a new association that has never been found before.  Translation: I’m getting published soon!!!!  When we ran the analysis my advisor went a little nutty with excitement. He’s an expert in the field that I am doing the analysis so he knows a lot more than I do about why this is such a huge finding.

For those of you not in the science field, publications are a big deal!

Anyways, now that the analysis is done I have to write 25-35 page on it. Bummer.

Cute pictures from the weekend:

Fang kind of looks like he has rabies in that picture….


On the healthy side of things:

Do you donate blood? I’ve donated twice because I think it’s a great thing to do and it’s also a great screening tool.  They check your blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol.  They also check your blood to see if you have any blood-borne infection (obviously).

Here are my stats:

Blood Pressure: 92/60  (American Heart Association says anything under 120/80 is normal)

Heart Rate: 52 (American Heart Association says 60-80 is normal….mine is low from the running more than likely, slightly low is not a bad thing)

Cholesterol: 180 (American Heart Association says anything below 200 is normal)


Do you know your stats?



About runningthrough2011

I'm an epidemiologist with a recent 55 pound weight loss and a new love for running. My goal to stay motivated in 2011 is to do one race a month for the entire year. Welcome to my page!
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5 Responses to Busy, Stressful, Crazy, Happy week.

  1. Janice says:

    Good job on donating blood! I donate as often as possible. I actually am donating next week. I have bery popular blood so I really like to tell myself I am making a difference. Keep up the good work.

  2. I try to donate, but either my iron is too low or they can’t find my veins 😦

    • That’s a bummer. I worked in a clinical hospital before I moved to FL and we used to get new phlebotomists all the time right out of school so we would donate our veins so they could practice. I guess I just got used to the digging around to find a vein.

  3. lifeisbeachykeen says:

    Are you running the Gasparilla 15k?

    I don’t normally donate blood. I don’t know why, I just don’t.

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