Lemon-Oregano Chicken


Saturday I took the day off so I could run Sunday with a friend. We did four miles in 39:02.

Monday I ran 4.55 miles in 43:33. Tuesday 45 min on the elliptical. Wednesday I did a Kettlebell workout.

I eat chicken almost everyday for dinner so as you can imagine I try to spice things up a bit by cooking it different ways.  I found a recipe in Cooking Light for Lemon-Oregano Chicken.

In a bowl I added:

1 tbsp olive oil



ground pepper

minced garlic


and lemon zest.

I mixed it all together and dipped my chicken in it. Don’t be jealous of my fancy china.

Afterwards I popped them on the foreman until cooked.

The recipe actually had really good flavor and I think the olive oil helped the chicken remain juicy.

The complete meal:

After dinner I headed to a nearby mall to pick up my race packet for the 5 miler in Clearwater this weekend.

Here’s the loot:

The shirt (a small) was HUGE! They should really tell you if the shirts are running big/small because I definitely would have gone for an extra small or even a kids large.

Then I noticed this in my packet:

This is total bull shit. I thought it sounded too good to be true so I did a little research. You have to buy from a certain website and pay for shipping with a credit card. Then the company automatically sends you two new pairs of sunglasses every month and charges your credit card.  How do you make it stop? Apparently you can’t.  I read many reviews which stated that the “customer service” number on the website is not a working number and you can’t email or find the actual address of the company anywhere. If you get one of these, just throw it away.


Hope your having a great week and if you’re in FL I hope you’re enjoying these nice temperatures!


About runningthrough2011

I'm an epidemiologist with a recent 55 pound weight loss and a new love for running. My goal to stay motivated in 2011 is to do one race a month for the entire year. Welcome to my page!
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One Response to Lemon-Oregano Chicken

  1. That’s such a weird thing to put in a race packet! I’ve never been impressed with anything I’ve gotten in one- it’s just advertisements 😦

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