Feeling Unprepared and Down.

Ran 3.87 miles in 37:04.

I can hardly believe a ran a half marathon a little over a month ago. My running ability has dramatically decreased since I got that cold. The Thursday before the cold I ran a comfortable six miles at a 9:23 pace. I’m now struggling to run 4 miles at a 9:40 pace without stopping to walk for a few seconds. With that said I am feeling totally unprepared for this 5 mile race on Sunday (sad, I know).  Hopefully the adrenaline will be enough to push me to finish the thing at a respectable pace.

I decided to go ahead and tap into the Icy-Hot Patch I got in my race packet last night. I have had a nagging shin splint for a month or so now.

I slept with it on all night and removed it when I got up this morning.  It worked well and I didn’t experience too much pain on my short run today.

Feeling Down

As I mentioned a few posts ago I had to drop a class and add another because I didn’t have the proper pre-reqs for the class. Since, I have experienced a bunch of negativity from a classmate about dropping it. Things such as getting called a chicken and being asked if I quit everything that gets hard. I’ve done my best to ignore this guy and thought it was over with until I woke up this morning to find a facebook message from him. The message said,

“So, i have just realized why you have chickened out of this class!!!!
You soooo will be dead way before the survival analysis section comes.
i bet you have looked at the first HW and was like wtf. didnt u????”


This message was sent exactly one week after I dropped the class and 1 week after I started ignoring this kid.  I don’t know why a person would want to constantly be negative and demeaning to someone.  I just don’t get it. I’ve usually had success by just ignoring people like this but apparently that’s not going to cut it as demonstrated by the completely uncalled for message sent a week later.


How do you handle negative people like this? I was under the impression that “bullying” was supposed to happen in elementary school.  Not graduate school!!!!!


About runningthrough2011

I'm an epidemiologist with a recent 55 pound weight loss and a new love for running. My goal to stay motivated in 2011 is to do one race a month for the entire year. Welcome to my page!
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2 Responses to Feeling Unprepared and Down.

  1. Ugh, what a jackass. Just ignore him… he wants to start a fight! Some people never mature, unfortunately…

  2. He is just insecure. Ignore him really. Maybe un-friend him even.

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